Epay reached strategic cooperation with Amber AI to lead Stablecoin EpayUSD(EUSD)to a new level

Global Remittance Platform Epay recently issued an official stablecoin EpayUSD (EUSD) which is pegged with US Dollar with 1:1 ratio. and it had a strategic partnership with the industry-renowned asset management company Amber AI.

2017 to 2018 was the golden year of the crazy development of digital currency, But also full of ups and downs.

Everything turned into dull at last. The Stablecoin will have a new development in 2019. However, only projects and teams that have real value can survive.

Today, the global remittance platform Epay officially announces its cooperation with the well-known asset management and quantification team Amber AI to promote the development of the new stablecoin EUSD.

If you are familiar with quantitative trading, then you must know about Amber AI.

Founded in Hong Kong, Amber AI is a technology-based asset management company focused on cryptocurrency asset management and secondary market services. Its main products include quantification of the cryptocurrency, liquidity services, wealth asset management funds, OTC and other secondary markets services.

The five founders of Amber AI are all from top international investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. All of them have rich trading experiences.

They have brought their deep trading capabilities and service quality accumulated in traditional financial to cryptocurrency field, which shows great profitability and quickly became a benchmark in the industry. The digital assets they manage now reach up to billions of dollars, and their brand and reputation are recognized by more and more players in this market.

Same as Amber AI, Epay was established in HongKong too. It is an international payment company specializing in the global currency exchange network. The founder Mr.Hu has more than 20 years’experiences in the international payment industry. Epay has both international payment API to the business and global remittance product to customers. It also connects with thousands of online and offline remittance agency all over the world.

Since 4th, September 2017, all domestic trading platforms have faced with company renovation problem, they have to move to aboard market. However, fiat deposit and withdraw was becoming the toughest problem. It is not easy to corporate with traditional financial institutions and familiar with their local laws and regulations.

But this is what Epay is best at.

Epay quickly spread its services to more than 30 top exchanges at home and abroad including OkCoin, and established a strategic partnership with Bitfinex. How capable of Epay as a payment provider? As the official partner of Tether, the USDT deposit and withdraw volume once took up 80% of the whole market, which made it well-known among domestic and foreign traders in the digital currency field.

Epay did not belong to the crypto market before, but it did have a profound impact on it. It will be different in 2019 after its official stablecoin EpayUSD(EUSD) was released.

Epay choose to cooperate with Amber AI to make the new stablecoin better.

The two companies have reached a strategic partnership, Epay is responsible for issuing EUSD that is 1:1 anchored with US dollars, and deepening the application scenario of EUSD in the remittance platform; Amber AI will become a strategic partner of EUSD.

Both teams have made full use of their respective advantages, one to make application scenario and another one to realize its circulation. This may be a best start.

Unlike most Stablecoin projects, EUSD has a global, complete application scenario to support its value in addition to strictly anchor with US dollar. Every remittance, exchange, and transaction in Epay platform will be valued and flowed through EUSD. Platform users can exchange EUSD for many different types of currencies at any time at a 1:1 fixed exchange rate with USD.

In this application scenario, the EUSD that remittance agency deposited to Epay, the digital trading platform, e-commerce, and labor dispatch companies who integrated Epay payment interface will bring a stable growth to the total amount of EUSD.

To support the value of EUSD through real-world transactions and applications.

By anchoring the US Dollar to a fixed exchange rate, it combines the credibility and value stability of the USD. At the same time, by using the technical advantages of cryptocurrency in transfer, EUSD can effectively reduce the cost during the transaction process and create commercial value in the international remittance business.

The connection with Amber AI has undoubtedly injected great vitality into EUSD from the market level. As a strategic partner of EUSD, Amber AI provides the holders of EUSD with flexible cryptocurrency redemption channels.

What can you benefit from the corporation between Epay and Amber AI?

1. Buy tokens through OTC: Buy cryptocurrencies with a more favorable price using EUSD.
Epay’s remittance agency outlets are located in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and as a world-renowned quantitative organization, Amber AI connects the liquidity of various exchanges and OTCs at home and abroad, which can provide the best price for users who want to buy cryptocurrencies.

2. Asset Management: Get a professional quantitative investment plan
Value preservation is crucially important in the bear market. So it is essential to choose a branded, experienced and safe platform. Amber AI has a wealth of experience and good historical data in quantitive trading. If you plan to make a quantitative investment in your assets, it is a good choice to work with Epay and Amber AI.

3. Deposit transaction:To deposit using Epay is more convenient.
Epay has partnered with several exchanges, and more and more exchanges support EUSD deposit transactions. To deposit EUSD via Epay, you can trade EUSD on the following exchanges: bihuex.com, stex.com, Neraex.pro, chaoex.com

At the same time, you can deposit USD though Epay to trade on the following exchanges below:

OKCoin, KuCoin, BitHumb, CoinCola, DigiFinex, CoinBank OTC, Coin918, Eobot, Coinnice, Coinroom, CoinDeal, Cobinhood, BTCBIT, Neraex, Sistemkoin, 688e, BitFlip, Simex, btchkgj, Winnex, Coinx, STEX, Gobaba, CoinHub, Omicrex, Silktrader, Right BTC, 7EBIT, Bit get, Bit Play and HashByte.

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